Website-Domains capture the Essence of Internet Activity

Websites-Domains are the perfect representation at the web (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) We have ground breaking new gTLD news to share! The website-domain, the first true generic domain in the new era of the internet will soon be made available to you for registration! It is the perfect opportunity for individuals to find first choice, short and memorable domain names that are recognized globally.

The website-domain captures the essence of internet activity and a website-domain is the perfect way to brand your website in the best way possible and establish a distinct online presence.

We currently live in a world of overcrowded domain extensions that lead to meaningless domain names. In current generic domains, close to 65% of all availability checks fail for a customer’s first choice of domain name. With the exhaustion of good, brandable domain names in these domains, customers end up having to settle for long and complex domain names that are hard to remember and search for. Websites with such complex domain names often end up being lost in the maze of the internet and are rendered meaningless!

It’s next to impossible to get good, brandable names in generics such as .com and .net because of high prices or unavailable short, first-choice names. As a result, customers end up choosing long domain names that are difficult to remember and search for.

Now, however, with the launch of website-domain, all this is about to change! You will soon be able to get short domain names of your first choice at affordable prices!

With website-domain domain names, customers from around the world will have the opportunity to grab a piece of great internet real estate that is easy to search for and remember, leading to better branding, differentiation and higher recall value.

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