Universal connection system for heating tapes

Quintex, the specialist for trace heating and explosion protection, has developed a novel ex-connection technology for heating tapes / This very compact and easy to install connection technology with terminal block is suitable for all heating tapes
Ex-Anschlusstechnik mit integriertem Thermostat (PresseBox) (Lauda-Königshofen, ) The new connection method IAL8EX the Quintex GmbH for trace heating with heating tapes is an extremely compact (Ø 25mm) and easy to install technology that can be used in hazardous areas. The special type of sealing of this connection technique can be applied to almost all heating tapes on the market. The electrical connection between the heating cable and supply line is produced by a terminal block. The maximum allowable current is 20 A. The inner insulation of the metal shell eliminates the external ground. The entire port range consists of: connecting sleeve (for connecting heating tape to power supply), end seal (for sealing the end of the heating tape), coupling sleeve (for repair or extension), a very compact T-branch (for easy branching of the heating circuit) and a terminal with built-in mini thermostat (same structure as the T-branch) for direct switching of the heating circuit (up to 16A).

For the assembly no heat gun or special tools are required. The mounting instructions are easy to understand and to follow by images.

Save with this new connection system assembly time and storage costs.

A similar connection method, also suitable to 20A is also available for heating cable. This ex IAK8 connection technology can be used for system design without additional decrease together with our bill for the monitored system type (with limiter to keep the maximum permissible temperature range so).

If you need heating circuits for use in hazardous areas and are not very familiar with the requirements, so you can specify online pre-assembled ex-circuits with heating tapes, calculate and order those circuits from us. All you need know is the required heating tape, the length, the desired connection method and specify the length of the connecting cable. The determination of the heating tape can be done by our heat loss table online.

We hope to simplify trace heating by using those products. Of course, our specialists are always available for questions and suggestions. Just call us or use our online chat. We look forward to hear from you.


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