FMS Simulation Software Supports Specification Innovations

PEAK-System FMS Simulator 2.6 (PresseBox) (Darmstadt, ) The PCAN-FMS Simulator for Windows from PEAK-System comes out in version 2.6 and supports the current standards FMS 03.00 and Bus-FMS 00.03 in addition to the previous. The third edition of the FMS standard defines new signals, messages, and telltales.

Furthermore, the PCAN-FMS Simulator now completely uses the value ranges that are defined in the standards. For example, at manual simulations, values can be specified that occur in reality only with low probability.

The protocols FMS (Fleet Management System) and Bus-FMS provide a manufacturer-independent interface for reading vehicle-specific CAN data on heavy commercial vehicles and busses. The extensive and continually growing support of leading commercial vehicle and bus manufacturers allows cross-market telematics applications to be implemented. For these types of developments, the PCAN-FMS Simulator application made by PEAK-System provides the simulation of both standards in a single software application with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.


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