Glare and Laser Protection Goggles against Laser attacks

Different Filters and frames for maximum protection against Laser pointers
(PresseBox) (Fürth, ) The availability of cheap and powerful laser pointers increases the potential risk for eyes in public and private areas. Most of the victims of laser attacks are public and air traffic but also more and more attacks to police and rescue officers during demonstrations are reported.

In the darkness even a short, diffuse and grazing incidence of a visible laser beam is able to result in complete blindness, several minutes glare or longer lasting and/or a permanent effect in someone's eyes. These dangerous threats are consequently banned by law.

Different operation conditions require adapted and customized solutions. I.e. reflective coatings can be more or less unsuited for police officers in the field due to the risk for scratches. But in all applications where good color recognition is required and the risk for scratches is low, a goggle with a narrow-band reflection would be the better choice.

With it an individual risk assessment is required. So for instance regarding powerful infrared lasers which are much more dangerous for fighting pilots than for civil persons.

LASERVISION successfully provides glare and laser protection goggles for civil and military pilots, for law enforcement forces and public train or bus drivers as standard products since many years. Based on its long lasting experience with absorbing glass- and plastic filters as well as with the combination with coatings from its own coating facility LASERVISION provides groups of people at risk European wide with customized eye safety solutions. In close cooperation with our customers from rescue- and police squadrons as well as from law enforcement forces our safety solutions are permanently improved and optimized.

More information can be found on the web site, or contact your local LASERVISION distributor or LASERVISION directly.


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