EFI's Productivity Software Resellers Attend First Annual EMEA Conference to Learn Breadth of Portfolio

(PresseBox) (Ratingen, Germany, ) On June 4, 5 and 6, 2014 30 EFI™ resellers from EMEA gathered in Gladbeck (Germany) to get hands-on experience with EFI productivity software. Participants witnessed how MIS and ERP products such as Monarch, Pace, PrintSmith and Radius as well as web-to-print and digital front-end software managed the entire print-production workflow with ease. For most attendees, it was their first opportunity to get acquainted with Metrix imposition software, EFI's latest acquisition.

Attendees were also able to examine how EFI inkjet systems powered by Fiery® software integrated seamlessly into the workflow. In addition to inkjet and Fiery, sessions also included cross media as well as sales and marketing training.

Miha Macur and Grega Muck of Grafik, a software reseller in Slovenia benefitted from all aspects of the conference. "Even though we've been a partner for close to a decade, we found this event very inspiring and learned about many new things," said Macur. "Almost every session offered open discussions that included new sales opportunities," added Muck. "It was a quality meeting."

Brad Cerf from Prinfo, EFI's South African reseller had a similar reaction to the well-planned conference. "The presentations were well paced; they kept my interest throughout. I thought that it was refreshing to see EFI invest so much time and effort into their partners. To see an overview of all the EFI products over the course of three days was very unique. I really liked the integration demo from Digital StoreFront to Pace to Fiery, and then to the actual printed product. Seeing how Metrix works was particularly beneficial to me as I have not seen it before. I would absolutely attend the next conference," he said.

Special Sessions for Metrix Resellers

Metrix, acquired by EFI in 2013, developed automated print planning and imposition technology, which is now marketed as EFI Metrix under the umbrella of EFI productivity software. EFI Metrix resellers enjoyed seeing the entire EFI workflow in action as it piqued their interest.

"This was a really interesting event. The scope of solutions was much wider than I expected and especially seeing the integrated workflow in action was impressive. We definitely have lots of food for thought!" said Bernd Renus, from Impressed, an EFI Metrix reseller in Germany.

For more information about EFI productivity software visit our website at www.efi.com.


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