ASK Chemicals Launches Casting Academy at the Metal + Metallurgy China Fair in Beijing, China

Profound foundry expertise in China
The first ASK Chemicals Casting Academy in China aroused great interest. Experienced specialists from ASK Chemicals and experts from the areas of industry and production shared their knowledge with visitors to the Metal + Metallurgy trade fair in Beijing. Dr. Roman Viets, head of the casting team at AUDI AG, gave a lecture on “AUDI engine castings – request for supplier excellence.” (PresseBox) (Hilden, ) During the Metal + Metallurgy China fair, ASK Chemicals, international supplier of high-performance foundry consumables, launched its first Chinese ASK Chemicals Casting Academy with a comprehensive lecture program. In addition to the company’s own expertise in products and technologies, the one-day event featured lectures on core production at Mingzhi Technology and on supplier excellence in the automotive industry by the example of AUDI AG. The opening event met with great response from customers. The global player ASK Chemicals is planning to establish the newly launched ASK Chemicals Casting Academy as a yearly platform for exchanging knowledge in China.

The experts at ASK Chemicals have many years of experience in all steps of the
manufacturing processes in a modern foundry. This is why the company has long since established itself as a competent partner in process support and as process consultants. Another reason for sharing this knowledge in an appropriate setting is that technological progress and the development of high-performance castings depend on the intensive exchange of information about innovations and their applications.

ASK Chemicals is building this bridge with its new ASK Chemicals Casting Academy in China, which is planned to take place every year. The day’s program started with nine lectures on the application of coatings and additives, inorganic binders, no-bake binders, including experience reports, and the company’s design services. Dr. Roman Viets from AUDI AG, Germany, gave a lecture on the topic of “AUDI engine castings – request for supplier excellence“, and Qiu He from Mingzhi Technology presented new possibilities for core roduction in his lecture entitled “Inorganic core making machine – opening the door to Chinese green casting”.

Jay Tang, Managing Director of ASK Chemicals China, emphasized the importance of this form of knowledge transfer for the Chinese foundry industry. “The goal of our academy is to promote networking between Chinese foundrymen, thereby actively exchanging current knowledge and making it tangible,” said Jay Tang.


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