Innovative non-stick coating solution

New 3M Dyneon PTFE Dispersion TF 5035GZ for Cook- and Bakeware
Innovative non-stick coating solution (PresseBox) (Neuss, ) Dyneon GmbH, a subsidiary of global diversified technology company 3M, has launched a successor to its benchmark PTFE dispersion for non-stick metal coating solutions that offers both advanced properties and substantial benefits for the environment.

Dyneon PTFE Dispersion TF 5035GZ is made without use of APFO (perfluorooctanoic acid) and APEO (alkyl phenol ethoxylate) and it contains a surfactant based on glucose, a renewable raw material. This demonstrates the company's commitment to using more sustainable formulations without compromising on performance.

Excellent Product- and Processing Properties

The new dispersion is ideal for formulating non-stick metal coating systems. Beside its high stability versus shear it offers ideal processing properties combined with excellent coating results in terms of resistance, film build and non-stick properties.

All of Dyneon's PTFE dispersions have exceptional characteristics, like a nearly universal chemical resistance and a wide service temperature range combined with a high flame resistance.

Dyneon TF 5035GZ is the successor of 3M Dyneon PTFE Dispersion TF 5035Z and offers a new solution that maintains all the performance features of the original formulation with additional benefits for both customers and the environment.


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