New miniaturized liner stages LPTM 30

LPTM 30 (PresseBox) (Weßling, ) The OWIS® motorized linear precision stages LPTM 30 are the response to the issue of miniaturization in product development. Small and powerful, no better way to describe the LPTM 30. With their working surface - narrower and shallower than a matchbox - and a load capacity of 60 N, these stages are outstanding. They are particularly suitable for use in limited space.

The combination of their characteristics distinguishes the LPTM 30:
  • extremely small in dimensions: 30 mm width
  • travel range 50mm, 100mm or 150mm
  • load capacity of up to 60 N
  • spindle pitch of 0.5 mm with low backlash
  • carriage with ground and stainless recirculating ball bearing guides
  • very good values for positioning and repeatability
  • Hall-effect or mechanical limit switches
  • 2-phase step motor or DC servo motor with encoder
  • with OWISid
In terms of precision, safety and quality the linear precision stages LPTM 30 fulfil every demand.

You can check here the specs of this and other families of motorized precision linear stages.

See the complete family of OWIS positioning stages here: We remain at your disposal for any sort of question related to precision positioning.


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