New light laser protection curtains

(PresseBox) (Weßling, ) Lasermet widens up its catalog with a new laser protection curtain, specially designed for moderate power lasers.

The standard curtains that we offered solely until now are devoted to high power lasers, class 3B and class 4. In order to cover applications with lower power lasers but still harmful, in an economical way, Lasermet has developed the new Blackcat Light Laser Protection Curtains

These curtains are devoted to class 3B lasers and reflections of class 4 lasers

The Blackcat light curtains are made with a special material and can be delivered as covers or as curtains with eyelets.

Since the weight of these curtains is only 900 g/m2, it is not required anything special for the installation. They can be used with installed guides supporting this light weight.

  • According to CE norms
  • Certified against EN 60825-4
  • Very low flammable
  • High protection level (PEL)
  • Valid for any wavelength ( from UV to CO2)
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