SVOX and SinoVoice Announce Partnership

SVOX and SinoVoice enter a partnership aiming at supplementing each other's product portfolio. SinoVoice uses SVOX speech portfolio to support its international expansion; SVOX seeks to supplement its offerings in entry-level consumer electronics
(PresseBox) (Zurich / Beijing, ) SVOX, the global embedded speech technology company, and Beijing InfoQuick SinoVoice Speech Technology Corp, China's leading embedded speech expert, today announce that they will be joining forces to deliver first-class embedded applications to the multilingual business traveler. The new partnership between SVOX and SinoVoice marks an important milestone in the dissemination of a variety of user-experience enriching mobile applications throughout Asia.

Pooling its extensive experience with speech-enabled mobile software in China with SVOX's language portfolio and network, SinoVoice seeks to cast its net to an even wider international audience. Accordingly, SinoVoice will be licensing SVOX Mobile TTS and ASR technology by SVOX partners. For its part, SVOX plans to supplement its own speech offerings with SinoVoice's Cantonese TTS in order to increase its leverage in the entry-level consumer electronics segments. The two companies are already collaborating on a multilingual consumer electronics project, the details of which will be released upon product launch later this year.

"This partnership is particularly promising for our multilingual speech synthesis and recognition product portfolio catered for the Beijing 2008 Olympics", affirms Wu Weidong, CEO of SinoVoice. "Besides providing high-quality technology in 18 languages, SVOX also has vast experience in speech applications for the embedded market and shares our ambitions".

"SinoVoice is China's leading embedded speech company providing first-class speech-enabled applications, and is continuously increasing its market growth", notes Volker Jantzen, SVOX CEO. "The Chinese speech technology market is booming, and SVOX is very pleased to be part of the expansion of this important sector. Many Chinese businesses are beginning to understand how speech technology can increase revenues by drastically reducing operational costs. We are very happy that we have set the foundations for a fruitful long-term relationship".


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