Precision Dispensing for Electronic Medical Devices

Vergusstechnik in der Medizin (PresseBox) (Neustadt/Donau, ) Medical device manufacturers place high demands on the quality and reliability of the electronic technology that resides within their products. With this in mind, to protect the electronic devices, they employ techniques including encapsulation, sealing, filling, or coating. These processes ensure a qualified protection while maintaining the ability to sterilize the medical equipment (e.g. pacemakers, electronic devices and coils for surgical tools, stators for dental tools, medical breathing masks or engines for dentistry equipment).

Casting resins, like adhesives, epoxies, silicones or polyurethanes, which are referred as dispensing materials are filled into, or applied onto, a substrate (e.g. housing, coiled material, control units, coolers, transformers etc.) When they harden or cure, they protect the electronic components against moisture, dust or damage. Depending on their properties, they can also improve the electrical characteristics of the end product. There are different methods used in the dispensing technology, like encapsulation, sealing, filling, or potting. The aim of all methods is to apply the correct amount of material at the correct time to the correct position on the substrate. When doing so, it is important to remember that the dispensing quality not only depends on the machine used for metering and dispensing. Other influencing factors, such as the casting resin properties, storage conditions, the design and shape of the substrate, and the curing method play an essential role. They too, must therefore be taken into consideration when planning a production process.

The metering and dispensing tasks should always be considered as forming a production network with their preceding and subsequent processes. This is the only way to guarantee a perfectly coordinated quality chain. Today, the bonding and dispensing processes are an integrated step in the manufacture of electrical and electronic compounds, assemblies, control units and semi-conductors. The casting resins and adhesives used in the process perform an important function and are just as significant as all the other production processes, such as soldering, welding, bolting or assembling. Bonding and dispensing are at the focus of attention within the production processes because of their importance for quality, functionality, safety and protection. The entire process chain must be viewed from the physical, chemical and time aspects of bonding and dispensing. The use of high-quality process modules accurately matched to one another ensures a clear technological advantage for all products. Scheugenpflug Inc. offers exceedingly precise machines that provide the perfect platform for high quality and state-of-the-art production of medical devices.


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