Shotgun Lipidomics high-throughput lipid analysis

(PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) Unraveling the spatial and temporal alterations in the content and composition of different lipid and their interactions with other lipids, proteins, and other metabolites in cells, tissues or organism facilitates valuable insights into the role of biochemical pathways. The study of the pathway and network of lipids in biological systems called lipidomics is a relatively recent research field that has been driven by rapid advances in technologies coupled with the recognition of the role of lipids in many metabolic diseases.

Lipotype GmbH a spin-off company from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden/Germany has developed a novel high-throughput Shotgun Lipidomics technology based on the Hamilton STARlet platform in combination with a mass spectrometer and their proprietary software LipotypeXplorer. The platform allows comprehensive and absolute quantitative lipidomics analysis from different types of up to 96 clinical or biological samples in 3 hours. The system is designed in a way that allows an easy adaption to various extraction procedures.

All kind of organic solvents for the lipid extraction can be handled in a reliable way using Hamilton’s Anti Droplet Control technology. All liquid transfer steps are proven for accuracy and reproducibility in using a balance to determine the real pipetted volume. The complete method validation included extraction of 90 copies of the same sample arrayed together on a single plate. Three independently prepared replicates of such plate were independently processed and analyzed on three consecutive days to check intra-day (averaged result from a given day ± SD) and inter-day (averages of three days averaged ± SD) variation. The results encompass also variation of a mass spectrometer itself.

For further information please download the application note by Dr. Michal Surma (Lipotype GmbH) and Dr. Carsten Mang (Hamilton Bonaduz AG).


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