Tire Wrapping Tapes by MCP

(PresseBox) (München - Ulsan, ) MCP, Korean manufacturer of polypropylene and polyethylene fabric, is specialist of industrial packaging. MCP has an integrated producing system that includes spinning (yarn), weaving (fabric) and coating. As many industries need packaging materials in various forms, MCP produces its packaging fabrics based on customers’ requirements.

One of MCP’s most selling products is tire wrapping tapes.
Basically, tire wrapping tapes consist of three layers that are PE fabric + PE resin + OPP film. The features of PE fabric are durability and flexibility and OPP film coating makes it water proof.

Our tire wrapping tapes will protect the surface of tire from rust, humidity as well as easy tear. Also it has high tensile strength and high temperature resistant.

We can offer various colors like white, yellow, green, blue and brown etc. and you can request us for special quality and specification through the customization system.

MCP currently supply tire tapes to NEXEN tire, one of three biggest tire manufacturers in Korea.

MCP offers best quality tapes in reasonable price.

Find more information at: www.mcp.or.kr

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