London-Domains on General Sale from the 9th September

Google prefers London-Domains at local searches (PresseBox) (Koeln, ) The General Availability of London-Domains will start at the 9th September.

The registry has described the importance of London in its application: "London is a leading world city and a vibrant centre for business, investment, technology, creativity, education and tourism. London is made up of the City of London Corporation and 32 boroughs, has a population of 7,900,500 and is home to 331,540 businesses. London attracts over 100,000 international students from 200 nations to its higher education institutions and welcomes millions of visitors each year. London is the powerhouse of the UK economy and is Europe?s leading centre for technology. According to a recent report on London?s Digital Economy (GLA, 3 Jan 2012), there are over 23,000 ICT and software companies in London, the highest number of any European city. London hosts a quarter of all British jobs in computer and related activities and 22% of jobs in telecommunications. According to the Experian Business Strategies Regional Planning Service, in 2010 the Gross Value Added of communications companies in London was £7.9 billion."

Now London has something, a unique web address for London. Dot London. A domain name that links the thousands of businesses and millions of people living and working here, with their city.

The benefits:
- Link yourself with the place you're proud to live and work in
- Get the domain you've always wanted
- Let London and the rest of the world know exactly where you are
Dot London domains will be on general sale from the 9th September 2014 and we are expecting strong demand.

London & Partners predict that london-domains will:"
-Create new employment opportunities in the city
-Expand the city’s brand by providing a new way to promote London
-Develop opportunities for marketing and business for non-profits as well as private businesses"

London-domains can better represent the British capital on the Internet. Anyone can bring immediately the owner of a London-Domain in connection with London. Numerous domains contain "london" as a part of the web address. The London Zoo, for example, is presenting currently its services at the URL A web address like would be easier und shorter.

The presentation by london-domain is in many cases for companies in London more attractive and more memorable. And the memorability of a domain is critical for the marketing of web sites

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