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General Photonics: Polarisation Determining in Optical Fibers
MPC 201 (PresseBox) (Olching, ) The polarization of light guided in an optical fiber has to be determined or even influenced in many applications: for example, in fiber sensor technology and optical coherence tomography (OCT).

With the new partner General Photonics, LASER COMPONENTS has a comprehensive range of products available for the measurement of polarization-dependent effects and the dynamic control of polarization in optical fibers.

To analyze polarization and the polarization-dependent characteristics of optical fibers and components, we have inline polarimeters and a polarization measurement system (PGSA) available. The measurement of polarization-dependent loss (PDL), the degree of polarization (DOP), the polarization extinction rate (PER), or polarization crosstalk can be carried out with the appropriate measurement instruments.

Polarization can be directly influenced using General Photonics' polarization adjusters. The stabilization or adjustment of a certain polarization state can be carried out with stabilizers or a polarization synthesizer. Different polarization scramblers are available for depolarization.

Polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) or polarization-dependent losses (PDL) can be generated or emulated using the deterministic PMD source PMD Pro or the PDL source/emulator. These sources are used in the characterization of optical transmission systems and components.

Optical light sources and optical delay lines (phase shifters and manual and motorized optical delay lines) complement this product range.

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