520 nm Laser Modules for Medical Technology

Stability and Laser Class Guaranteed
520 nm Laser Modules for Medical Technology (PresseBox) (Olching, ) Laser modules with 520 nm laser diodes that emit directly are being used more and more in medical technology - quite often as a replacement for 532 nm solid-state lasers. All FLEXPOINT® laser modules are now available with 520 nm laser diodes - they are also equipped with a photodiode, which offers the following advantages: Performance stability across a given temperature range.

The output power is kept constant at ±5% - across the entire operating temperature range between 0°C and 50°C. Comparable modules achieve only ±10%. Due to this level of stability, LASER COMPONENTS guarantees compliance with critical laser classes. An additional monitoring circuit guarantees real single-fault safety: this is absolutely crucial in the medical field.

The output power can be adjusted continuously using a control wire and a voltage signal (0-5 V). The photodiode significantly improves the linearity of the adjustment range. In addition, we offer the option of digital or analogous modulation, as well as pulse width modulation.

The 520 nm laser modules are available as dot, line, or cross-hair lasers. The output power ranges from <1 mW to 25 mW. All FLEXPOINT® laser modules can be modified and adjusted according to customer specifications.

Green laser modules are used to position patients in CT or MRT applications and as pilot beams in high-power medical lasers.

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