ELMO Action camera

Ladies like Action camera More than Gentlemen
(PresseBox) (Düsseldorf, ) "Action camera" has already acquired wide citizenship and it is one of easily-found items in the appliances stores and on Internet. But is it only for "Action"? Is it only for the people who like to show their performances in extreme sports?
Though some have already noticed, the possibilities of a small wearable camera is limitless.

ELMO, a Japanese camera manufacturer, will launch a new small wearable camera, called "QBiC". Our theme is "Capture Your Imagination". For all the people who "do not need action camera because I do not like sports", or "do not like to have action camera because it does not look nice so do not feel like showing it to my friends", QBiC is
- Easy to handle (so that both ladies and gentlemen at all age group can use with
- Attractive design (so that you want to talk about it to your friends)
- Small and Light-weight (so that you want to slip it in your ordinary handbag)
- Waterproof without extra case (so that you do not need to worry about a sudden
- Very wide angle (so that you can capture a very unique photo and movie, that is
not possible with the camera in your smart phone)

There is none in the market which has all these features.

Elmo exhibit QBiC at Photokina (Hall 09.1, Gang: A, Nr.006)
Also exhibit "QBiC Panorama", a solution to capture 360 degrees movie. With your finger touch on the touch panel you can see all around the 360 degrees!


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D-40549 Düsseldorf
Koji Nosaka
General manager


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