Intelligent Calculations Vs. Traditional Spreadsheets

VCmaster offers engineers an intuitive software concept which enables intelligent calculation of complex formulas and algorithms
Lateral torsional buckling (PresseBox) (Fellbach (Stuttgart), ) Re-usable templates, intelligent search functions and well-thought of engineering solutions secure the know-how of engineers for the future with just the click of a few mouse buttons. In faster moving times, it is becoming more and more important to do with less and make the most out of it. Time and cost minimization have become crucial elements for competent work settings. This combined with accuracy and precision are the essence of an engineering firm.

VCmaster takes care of all of the above by replacing the traditional spreadsheets and pencil calculations by providing a powerful tool for technical calculations and algorithm computations. The software calculates formulas fully automatically. Algorithms can be created quickly and simply without prior computing knowledge.

In contrast to spreadsheets, the presentation of formulas in VCmaster is in precise mathematical forms. Variables can be defined and stored in organized databases, which allows them to be recalled and redefined with ease. Variable characteristic values like material, component and cross-sectional values can be determined and re-used from tables stored within the databases. This flexible and dynamic way of calculating formulas and computing algorithms saves engineers a processing time of up to 30%.

The unique software concept of VCmaster is now used by approx. 4000 companies worldwide. Over the past few years, the software has been constantly adapted to the needs of students, university professors as well as engineering professionals in different parts of the world. This worldwide acceptance has made the company today a leading engineering software-solution provider.


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