Waste heat recovery unit for ORC plant delivered

heat 11, specialist for industrial process heat, heat transfer and electric power generation from Bielefeld, Germany, has delivered a waste heat boiler of 9 MW for an ORC plant
Waste heat recovery unit for ORC plant delivered (PresseBox) (Bielefeld, ) "The waste heat recovery unit disposes of remarkable technical data," says Dr. Dietmar Hunold, general manager of heat 11. The waste heat boiler has a weight of 48 tons at a height of 11 meters and a diameter of 3,8 meters (see photo).

According to the company the thermo oil waste heat boiler is heated by means of flue gases from a biomass combustion. The heating energy obtained in the waste heat boiler is for the heating of an ORC plant with an electrical capacity of about 1.200 kilowatt. So after the commissioning, the plant can supply 3.000 households with environmentally friendly produced, CO2-neutral electricity which is generated by the combustion of renewable raw materials. At the same time the exhaust heat of the ORC process is used for wood drying for a connected production of wooden pellets.

With the installation of high-power heating surfaces on the end of the first pass, the efficiency of the boiler is increased enormously which is above 90 % according to the company. "A good example of how production processes can be created very economically and in an environmentally compatible manner.", continues Hunold.

According to the company, heat 11 is very well positioned in the field of energy supply. With the economic growth the hunger for energy grows increasingly in the newly industrialized countries in Asia, Middle and South America and this offers the plant specialist in Bielefeld good business opportunities both in the field of conventional power plants and at thermal solar and biomass power plants.


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