trans-o-flex introduces nation-wide pharmaceutical network with active temperature control

The thermos boxes that are installed in the trans-o-flex ambient distribution vehicles are available in three different sizes, with capacities ranging from 711 to 2,400 litres. In this way, the distribution can be optimised, depending on the share of temperature-sensitive goods to be transported in one journey (PresseBox) (Weinheim, ) EU-GDP-compliant transportation of pharmaceuticals in the range of between 15°C and 25 °C: successful test run with pilot customer Berlin Chemie - More and more customers transfer volumes to the Premium Service area - Shipment tracking with temperature curve for every single shipment

At the beginning of October, following a successful test run, trans-o-flex Schnell-Lieferdienst introduced its new nation-wide network for the transportation of pharmaceuticals. "We are very proud of our team, which managed to realise our extremely demanding trans-o-flex ambient project without delay and took this unique network into operation according to schedule", says Christian Knoblich, Managing Director of trans-o-flex Logistics Group and responsible for the Pharmaceuticals business. trans-o-flex ambient has been developed to transport pharmaceuticals on pallets or in parcels within the temperature range of between 15°C and 25°C without any additional thermally-insulating packaging. Transportation takes place with special temperature-controlled vehicles as well as in conventional vehicles equipped with actively temperature-controlled thermos boxes. The temperature is monitored and documented over the entire transport chain. A completely temperature-controlled sorting centre is available for the central handling of the goods. In addition to this, all of the other hubs also operate fully air-conditioned and temperature-controlled storage areas - for example, when returns have to be temporarily stored over weekends. The shipment tracking system records the individual temperature curves for every single shipment. The system meets the intensified rules of the EU-GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

Pilot customer is absolutely happy and continues the co-operation

Prior to the official start, the system was tested in a 1-month test-run in co-operation with the renowned pharmaceutical company Berlin-Chemie as the pilot customer. "From 1st September, trans-o-flex, every day, picked up 2 semitrailers with temperature-sensitive goods from our location in Berlin and delivered them using the new ambient network", summarises Bernd Kühn, Head of Distribution Domestic of Berlin-Chemie AG. "We were very happy with the entire handling and documentation. Above all, it was the high delivery quality that convinced us". In addition to Berlin-Chemie, many additional customers also decided to immediately use trans-o-flex ambient for the transportation of their pharmaceuticals.

trans-o-flex doubles its capacity for actively temperature-controlled transportation

"We expect that all pharmaceutical companies will gradually use actively temperature-controlled systems for the transportation of pharmaceuticals", says Christian Knoblich. This is why the trans-o-flex Group invested several millions of euros in the development of this network. This also includes the complete air-conditioning of the central hub in Kassel, the air-conditioning of all sealed warehouses as well as the installation of devices for temperature measurement and documentation at all locations and their connection to a central temperature control system. The operation of the network requires 80 actively temperature-controlled semitrailers for the regular traffic services, 60 fully temperature-controlled lorries for the pick-up and delivery of pallets as well as approximately 1,500 distribution vehicles with thermos boxes.


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