Gas cleaning systems for the mining and fertilizer industries

GEA Wiegand has delivered, installed and put into operation a 2-stage gas cleaning system for a potash fertilizer process line
GEA Wiegand gas scrubber (PresseBox) (Ettlingen, ) This process line belongs to one of the leading players in the word potash market.

To reduce the dust load and the harmful ammonia from the dryer systems a combination of dry filter and wet scrubber technology is applied in this case. The gas cleaning system delivered by GEA Wiegand has i.e. a capacity to treat a gas volume flow of 135,000 m³/h. The figure (below) shows the transportation of the impressive big wet scrubber column.

Similar or modified applications for combined dry and wet scrubber systems can be found in the nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy. This industry is concerned with the extraction and processing of ores and the production of nonferrous / ferrous metals and their alloys. During these processes, by-products occur which include dust of metal oxides or mineral fertilizers and undesirable gaseous components such as SO2 and SO3.

GEA Wiegand promote and export their in-house developed gas cleaning technology to the key potash fertilizer regions worldwide.


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