BIC and BPM: New features, new projects, new development ideas

BIC Days in Munich and Bochum
BIC Days 2014 (PresseBox) (Gütersloh, )
  • arvato Systems and GBTEC introduce the new functions of BIC and the BIC Platform® in the cloud
  • For the first time, speed projecting and preview of the roadmap for 2015
(arvato Systems) Gütersloh – Financial institutions, companies, administrative offices, and universities: they all rely on the powerful BIC Platform® to simplify their day-to-day work in process management. Customers will discuss their experiences using BIC and BPM at the BIC Days sponsored by arvato Systems and GBTEC in Munich and Bochum on October 21 and 29, 2014. In addition, the BIC experts from arvato Systems and GBTEC will introduce the roadmap for 2015 and present the innovative developments for the BIC Platform®.

Strong customer orientation and specific practical relevance: these are the main features that make the BIC Platform® so successful. BPM customers from all industries will demonstrate the advantages in using the BIC Platform® at the BIC Days from arvato Systems and its partner GBTEC in Munich and Bochum, for the first time with speed projecting. Projects will be presented briefly and precisely and the different fields of application will be explained.

"Our customers are especially enthusiastic about the streamlined process management, which allows them to use lean and efficient processes and an IT environment that actively connects all the participants in an organization," reports Dr. Oliver Becker, Director Enterprise Solutions at arvato Systems. "Prospective customers can also talk directly with BIC users at our BIC Days and become familiar with the various opportunities within the BIC Platform®."

Furthermore, the experts from arvato Systems and GBTEC will present the new functions from BIC and the BIC Platform® in the cloud, including the roadmap for 2015. "At the events, not only we will present our innovative developments and new BPM trends, but visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss new development ideas and ideas for cost-efficient customization with our product developers," said Dr. André Lougear, Manager BPM Products at arvato Systems. "It is definitely worth it to attend. Prospective customers will come away with great inspiration for their own plans and projects."

The schedule and locations for the BIC Days at a glance:

BIC Day Munich
October 21, 2014

From 9:00 a.m. to approximately 2:30 p.m.
Random House GmbH
Neumarkter Straße 28
81673 Munich

BIC Day Bochum
October 29, 2014

From 9:00 a.m. until approximately 2:30 p.m.
GBTEC Software + Consulting AG
TRZ Technologiezentrum Ruhr
Universitätsstraße 142
44799 Bochum

Participation is free.


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