Laser Micro Machining Equipment with 5-Axles Positioning System

microPULSE has particularly been designed for the upmost various tasks posed in micro machining.
Laser Micro Machining Equipment with 5-Axles Positioning System (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) In research and development, it has increasingly become indispensable to possess the capability of machining smaller and finer structures into most various substrates. Substrates to be machined may be of any nature — say metals, alloys, ceramics, transparent material, or biological material. For that purpose, it would be best to have one unversal tool suited for all of these substrates without need of reconfiguring or altering it.
The resulting requirements of such a laser micro machining equipment are: maximal degree of freedom regarding the positioning of the substrates open system concept for the integration of most different lasers or laser sources operated parallel flexible, upgradeable control concept for possible future integration of further components (for instance additional axles systems, additional optical components, etc.)

With regard to the above requirements, Laser 2000 GmbH in cooperation with 3D-Micromac AG are presenting a system concept that provides these features. The system microPULSE has particularly been designed for the upmost various tasks posed in micro machining, such as drilling of micro holes, creating micro structures, or micro cuts. Dependent on the chosen laser type, materials with high thermal conductivity and low melting temperatures can as easily processed as transparent, semi conducting, supra conducting, or organic materials.

Thanks to ever improving lasers, powerful and reliable systems are available today. These , high-performance systems enable the precise machining of almost any material. The positioning of the substrates is performed by a 5-axles-positioning system consisting of three lineal axles and two goniometers. Direct driven axles position the substrate in x and y. The z-axis is a limited spindle axis. Two goniometers enable for an angular posiitoning of the substrates with respect to x and y directions.This versatile concept also provides the possibility of extending it by additional positioning systems — for instance rotational axles.

About 3D-Micromac

3D-Micromac is specialized in developing and manufacturing of customized laser micro machining systems using Excimer, pico, femto, DPSS, CO2, or other lasers. Sintering equipment for rapid prototyping is also being offered.


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