Semrock Introduces RazorEdge® Short-wave-pass Raman Filters

Laser 2000 presents three exciting new multiband optical filter sets for the most popular fluorescent proteins, significantly enhancing their selection of the award-winning BrightLine series of multiband filter sets
Short-wave-pass Raman Filters from Semrock (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) These new patent-pending filters, which are ideal for Anti-Stokes Raman applications, are the latest addition to the popular high-performance RazorEdge® family of steep edge filters. Like all Semrock RazorEdge filters, these new short-wave-pass filters are designed to attenuate a designated laser-line by six orders of magnitude, and yet maintain a typical edge steepness of only 0.5% of the laser wavelength. Both short- and long-wave-pass RazorEdge® filters are perfectly matched to Semrock’s popular MaxLine™ laser-line cleanup filters. All Semrock filters are made with Ion Beam Sputtering for the ultimate in performance and reliability.

“The ability to make high-performance short-wave-pass filters is surprisingly not a straightforward extension of Semrock’s long-wave-pass filter capability, due to some deep-seated fabrication difficulties that must first be overcome. These new filters were only made possible by significant recent advances in Semrock’s already state-of-the-art optical monitoring system,” said Turan Erdogan, CTO of Semrock. “This is a part of Semrock’s program of continuous improvement.”


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