First International Symposium on Laser-Micromachining in Chemnitz

Meet with technology strategists of the laser industry. Discuss on-going industrial and research projects with developers and application engineers of industry and research facilities.
official ISL 2006 logo (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) „Micro“– one of the most mentioned words in the last years when it comes to technologies for the future. In almost all processes in industry the addition “Micro” promises a more effective use of resources, lower production costs, producibility of new products, and after all the opening of new customer groups. This is also true for the laser machining.The questions that many end users have are: “How can micro technology open new markets for us? Is especially the laser micro machining a chance for our business?”

To give end users and laser specialists a new platform for information exchange and to present innovative solutions the first “International Symposium on Laser micro machining” will be held this year in Chemnitz/Germany. With top-class lectures and speakers from industry and research the organizers want to point out the possibilities and chances of laser micro machining and give the participants an overview over novelties and solutions – individual and customer-oriented.

Applications in micro systems technology and SEMI-Industry
New horizons with short and ultra short pulsed lasers
New lasers and components

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