NIRX-SR “Super Range” eXtreme NIR Spectrometers

Laser 2000 presents the NIRX-SR series of spectrometers for the 0.9-2.2μm wavelength range with a 512 element InGaAs Photo Diode Array and high speed USB-2.0 interface.
NIRX-SR “Super Range” eXtreme NIR Spectrometers (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) The extended range detector operates using a 2-stage TE cooler and include optics technology to deliver high spectral efficiency. A 1024 element detector array is available to double the resolving resolution from 8 nm on the 512 model to 4 nm for special spectroscopy applications. The optics have no moving parts for shock-proof durability in a truly portable environment.

StellarNet ( builds ruggedized miniature fiber optic spectrometers for a complete spectrum of Lab and Field measurements. Coupled with fiber optic sampling accessories and free SpectraWiz® software, you can have accurate and reliable instrumentation for a variety of applications at a surprisingly low cost.

Optional fiber optic accessories include attachments for SpectroRadiometry (measurements of lasers, emissions, etc.), optical spectroscopy (transmission, absorbance), chemical analysis (solids, liquids), and remote sensing to name a few.

The SpectraWiz® software suite is included free-of-charge to immediately enable a variety of spectroscopy measurements. This includes Windows drivers with customizable programs for LabVIEW, Visual Basic Automation for Excel, Visual C++, and Delphi Pascal. Call +1-813-855-8687 to discuss your application today.

About StellarNet Inc.
StellarNet Inc. has been developing applications for analytical instrumentation and test equipment since 1991. Our new generation of rugged, modular, low cost, portable, miniature spectrometers and software can be used for remote sensing and process applications in the factory or field. Systems have been tailored for applications in product color and appearance (foods, plastics, paints, cosmetics), analytical chemistry (chemical concentrations), spectroradiometry, thin film deposition process monitor (specialty coatings, sunglasses), semiconductor FAB process, agricultural food products, medical instrumentation (blood oximeter), LED and Laser Diode test equipment (NIR & XNIR optical spectrum), Gas Chromatogram (UV detector), and many others...


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