CAD Schroer Signs Four New U.S. Partners for STHENO/PRO, offering 2D-3D Pro/ENGINEER® Value Package

sequoia (PresseBox) (Moers, ) CAD Schroer Group (CSG), the global engineering solutions provider, and PTC European Software Partner of the Year 2005, today welcomed four new resellers in the United States, focusing on STHENO/PRO, the legacy data management and drafting solution fully integrated with Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/INTRALINK® and Windchill PDMLink™. 3HTI, ENSER, Redbolt Technologies and Sequoia Etc will be launching the ultimate 2D-3D design solution by offering a Pro/ENGINEER Foundation + STHENO/PRO ADVANCED value package.

“STHENO/PRO, created specifically for Pro/ENGINEER users, is the perfect PTC® VAR product, because of the value it adds for existing customers and prospects,” explains Thomas Schubert, CSG Managing Director. The VARs agree, as the growing number of North American partners signifies.

It’s time to combine the best of the 2D and the 3D world

“Now you can edit and update legacy drawings in an easy-to-use 2D environment as you design new products with the industry leading 3D CAD solution – with bi-directional, seamless data transfer between the two.” That’s the message CAD Schroer and its partners are sending out loud and clear to all Pro/ENGINEER users.

“We talk to a lot of customers and prospects who are ready to go 3D, but worry about continued use of existing designs, and being able to integrate AutoCAD® drawings from customers or suppliers into the Pro/E-centric PLM process,” says Robert Arnone, President of ENSER Corp., a longstanding engineering solutions provider and PTC Gold Authorized Reseller with offices in New Jersey, North Carolina and Florida.

“To have a solution which benchmarks extremely well against AutoCAD, handles legacy in raster format, and runs as a Pro/E plug-in is ideal,” agrees Monty Clark, President and CEO of Redbolt, a Florida-based provider of knowledge-based solutions for the Engineering and IT sectors.

The sentiment is echoed by T.J. Dial, Lead Business Development Manager at Sequoia Etc of Missouri, a member of PTC’s Platinum Reseller program, with offices in Dallas, Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Tulsa, and Austin; and Garry Hoffman, Vice President of Sales of 3 HTI, LLC, one of PTC’s leading platinum level resellers and full-service engineering software sales, support and consultancy organization with offices throughout the East Coast.

Developed in partnership with PTC®

“PTC and CSG have enjoyed a very successful, close and collaborative partnership for many years now,” says Gearoid Smyth, Head of Global Marketing Programs at PTC, “and STHENO/PRO is testament to this relationship, offering best in class 2D and legacy maintenance, which means new and existing Pro/ENGINEER customers can easily transfer valuable 2D drawings into their 3D world.”

STHENO/PRO replaces the need for a 3-tier (Pro/E – 2D – paper) approach, working hand-in-glove with Pro/DETAIL™, offering seamless, bi-directional data exchange, and the incorporation, editing and maintenance of raster data. It allows for the quick and easy creation of things like 2D concepts, layouts and tender designs, as well as 2D adaptations of Pro/DETAIL® sheets for product designs, technical manuals, and installation designs.

“I see real benefits of mixed CAD drafting in integrated mode, and STHENO/PRO’s SMART Edit capabilities can make life a lot simpler when creating 2D drawings. The smooth interface between Pro/ENGINEER, STHENO/PRO and Windchill should make this very attractive for hard-core Pro/E users,”
adds Mike Wahner, Project Manager at ENSER.

New Integrated Value Package

The new VARs will kick off the relationship with a special value offer for new customers, which packages Pro/ENGINEER Foundation with STHENO/PRO ADVANCED at an extremely attractive price. For more information, please visit,,, and as well as


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