GEA Wiegand technology at Brau Beviale 2014

GEA Wiegand has been active in the brewing industry for many years, supplying both evaporators and membrane plants from GEA Filtration
Beer de-alcoholization plant (PresseBox) (Ettlingen, ) At Brau Beviale 2014, GEA Wiegand will present its range of products for different applications in the brewing process. The focus is on technology and units for beer de-alcoholization, recovery of product from tank bottoms, brewer's yeast production, concentration and clarification of malt extracts, de-colourization and flavour extraction from beer for the production of base ingredients for FAB (flavoured alcoholic beverage) and FMB (flavoured malt beverage) production.

GEA Wiegand's beer de-alcoholization plants have been successfully sold worldwide thanks to their advantages in view of the process and of the special product features.

For feed rates between 10 hl/h and 50 hl/h, steam heated falling film evaporation plants have traditionally been used (Fig.). For larger feed rates, GEA Wiegand designs units heated by means of Mechanical Vapour Recompression. MVR offers significant energy cost savings - and a reduction in carbon footprint - compared to the former de-alcoholization processes in the market.

GEA Wiegand also offers an efficient process for the de-alcoholization of by means of reverse osmosis membranes, under the brand GEA Filtration. These plants operate on the principle of Crossflow membrane filtration and are suited for feed rates of less than 10 hl/h. Two plant configurations are available, covering up to 5 hl/h or 10 hl/h capacities. Thanks to the low filtration temperature, the aroma and characteristic properties of the beer are maintained to a large extent.

We look forward to seeing you in Nuremberg on our stand at Brau Beviale, hall 7, stand 602


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