Grand launch at the ICN&T 2006 – in the jubilee year of atomic force microscopy JPK presents the new generation BioAFM, the NanoWizard®II

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) It was no accident that two of the most important nanoscience meetings – STM'06 and Nano9 – were combined this year in the ICN&T 2006 (International Conference on NanoScience and Technology), or that this event took place in Switzerland. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the invention of the atomic force microscope (AFM), and the 25th anniversary of the invention of the scanning tunnelling microscope(STM); the starting point for both techniques was in Switzerland. For the Berlin NanoBiotechnology firm JPK Instruments AG the jubilee event in Basel provided a fitting opportunity to present the NanoWizard®II to the public. This significant innovation for the Life Science AFM community, the next generation of the leading BioAFM, was unveiled to a large audience of leading scientists.

The NanoWizard®II marks the new peak of technology for applications such as high resolution imaging, force spectroscopy and manipulation up to the subnanometer level. This sophisticated instrument was developed by building upon proven strengths of the NanoWizard® AFM system. "For the NanoWizard®II as for the original NanoWizard®, the focus is on the integration of atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy without compromising either technique.", said Torsten Jähnke, CTO of JPK. "We have worked to comprehensively strengthen the new AFM for the special demands of the various bio science and soft material applications." The years of experience in BioNano applications, the close attention to customer wishes and the complex engineering have all paid off. The many innovative features, increased stability and new levels of system performance make the NanoWizard®II the most powerful research tool for applications in soft matter and life science.
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