Quantum Leap for Internet Mobile Phones

Manufacturer ROAD GmbH: Start-up firm in Berlin develops universal platform for future mobile com-puting
S101 / S101K (PresseBox) (Berlin, ) The handyPC has been completed. In September 2006, developer ROAD will present the device to the public at a press conference held during the IFA in Berlin.

German inventorship has given rise to numerous groundbreaking innovations. Creative Germans have developed the inkjet printer, the fax machine, the MP3 technology or the walkman.

Another revolutionary idea is now on its way: the handyPC. Invented in Berlin and internationally patented, the handPC has been developed to production readiness within a very short time span by Berlin startup company ROAD.

The ROAD handyPC s101 is an example for devices based on this new, universal platform. In its various types, the handyPC will to a large extent replace existing smart phones since it offers the same user interface and versatility as known from a desktop PC - and all this in a compact and ergo-nomic mobile phone format.

ROAD offers the open LINUX software of the first handyPC for further development and grants licences to use the handyPC platform to mobile phone and notebook manufacturers. Various manufacturers from all over the world are interested in the product's expected high quantities. The inventor Hans Constin and his co-partner Hubertus von Streit prefer manufacturing in Germany.

The handyPC platform represents the top and final concept of mobile computing devices. As the first product of its class, the handyPC has considerable commercial prospects.


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