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AMS Technologies presents new overview brochure "High Voltage Power Supply Product Range"
High Voltage Power Supply Product Range (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) AMS Technologies has many years experience in the sale and support of high frequency and high voltage products for use in the industrial, medical, military, communications and research areas. Our broad array of High Voltage and High Frequency Components and Power Supplies & Drivers comprises products for differing applications.

We are able to determine the ideal selection of products from different manufacturers to suit specific requirements and provide a proposal for an optimised configuration. This way, customers can get the required products for their design – whether a relay, a capacitor or other component – in standard or customised versions, and all from a single supplier. Our broad product range consists of, among others, Capacitor Chargers and Modules, Power Supply Modules, HV Sources for Optical Applications, Accessories for HV Power Supplies and other High Voltage Components.

Advanced pulsed power technology is the technique of storing large amounts of energy and then releasing in a very short time. The technology allows very efficient use of energy, often in a compact unit, to produce extreme high energy.

Applications for Power Supplies:

  • Optical Applications
  • Food processing and pasteurization
  • Medical equipment
  • High voltage Industrial Applications
  • Research & Scientific
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • Materials processing
  • High power microwave sources
Download the catalogue as PDF file by clicking on the catalogue title. Should you require additional information that you cannot find on our web site please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.


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