MEP Werke expands its service offer – “Solar Power for Everyone” lease plan now includes special construction

MEP Solaranlage (PresseBox) (München, ) Installing a solar power system sometimes involves some special construction or conversions. MEP Werke GmbH has expanded its service offer to give customers every reason to install their own solar power system by including any special construction in the "Solar Power for Everyone" lease plan.

Homeowners who decide to go solar and generate their own power often need to switch out their meter panel because their old panel no longer meets their utility company's technical hook-up requirements. Depending on the extent of the conversion and which new meter is required, customers could quickly be looking at unexpected costs in the four figures. MEP Werke's lease plan now includes any special construction. Customers no longer have to worry about unexpected costs when they decide to lease a solar power system.

The full-service provider, serving customers throughout Germany, handles meter panel conversions required by utility companies in most cases. MEP Werke's service even includes dismantling the old meter panel and installing a new one if needed. All that at no extra cost to customers. This offer, however, does not apply to multi-occupant buildings with several meters. The MEP Werke lease plan now also includes any extra installation work and materials, such as sheet metal tile, for customers with roofs made of plain, tegalit or left-hand side tiles.

What's more, MEP Werke does not charge extra for solar power system leasing customers who order a system size that can only be installed on their roof using a customized model with cross-bracing substructure. This is included under MEP Werke's special construction offer. MEP Werke's consultants can recommend the best options for laying cable, where to install the inverter and panel layout but are also open to customer requests for feasible variations. For custom requests, MEP Werke informs and advises their customers regarding any impact on system production. At the customer's request, cables can also be run to the inverter through any ventilation ducts or chimneys in addition to running cables along the eaves gutter and facade outside the building, if technically feasible.

MEP Werke leases solar power systems to private households at a monthly flat rate of EUR 49*. The lease price includes 20 years of maintenance and service, replacement parts and the all-risk insurance package from Allianz insurance company.

*ex VAT + one-time service fee of EUR 699 (service fee includes tax)

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