New: Children's book about Roof Greening

Four Friends find a new Home
New: Children's book about Roof Greening (PresseBox) (Krauchenwies, ) "Four Friends find a New Home" - is the title of a recently published Children's book by Optigreen.

Lilly the butterfly,Marie the ladybird, Tom the snail and Nils the grasshopper have a happy life in a flowering meadow. But one day, their living space is destroyed and they have to search for a new home...

The book is about a group of animals, that are driven out of their habitat due to construction work and have to start looking for somewhere else to live. After wandering around they end up in a seemingly inhospitable city... where they find unexpected shelter and a new home.

The book has 36 pages and is not only meant for children but also for any young at heart adults.

A few free copies are available, otherwise the book can be purchased from Optigreen Ltd.

Publisher: Optigrün international AG, Krauchenwies
Autor: Dr. Gunter Mann
Size: 21 x 21 cm
36 Pages,
Preis: £4.10


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