Spectrum Analyzer and Wavelength Measurement for the MAP Platform

Modular Fiber-optical Test Station
MAP System (PresseBox) (Olching, ) The MAP-200 modular measurement platform from JDSU is a measuring station with a modular design for the characterization of fiber-optical components and systems in research, development, and production.

For spectral measurements two new modules have been introduced; both of them are available at LASER COMPONENTS GmbH: the mWAVE-A1 wavelength measurement module and the mHROSA-A1 high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer module.

The mWAVE-A1 is a multi-wavelength wave meter that is used to detect the optical power levels and center wavelengths of densely-packed optical signals at up to 2 GHz spacing with the help of coherent detection technology. This technology is also used in the detection of the DWDM wavelengths and their power levels present in DWDM transmission systems.

The mHROSA-A1 spectrum analyzer module combines the multi-wavelength wave meter with a high-resolution optical spectrum analyzer. In addition to detection and measurement of the power levels, the OSA module also makes it possible to obtain a graphical representation of the spectrum. Typical applications include the characterization of DWDM transmission systems, optical sources, transponders, and line cards.

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