Dr. Neuhaus presents the new control unit for managing consumption and feed-in at the E-world energy & water 2015

SMARTY iQ-IO (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) The intelligent control unit SMARTY iQ-IO by Dr. Neuhaus Telekommunikation, a subsidiary of the Sagemcom Group, extends the functionality of conventional Smart Meter Gateways into an intelligent measurement system - the new load switch device allows energy suppliers to control consumption and feed-in.

Through the expansion of renewable energies, energy suppliers today are faced with great challenges. The prime objective is to guarantee network stability and high availability of electricity. Smart Meter Gateways are important components in energy management. The new intelligent switchbox SMARTY iQ-IO by Dr. Neuhaus Telekommunikation lets energy suppliers not only capture but also control energy consumption.

"With SMARTY iQ-IO, loads and supplies can be switched on and off according to demand and supply situation," states Ludger Böggering, Director Marketing and Product Management at Dr. Neuhaus Telekommunikation GmbH.

Secure communication between energy supplier and consumer

Especially in Germany, security plays an essential role in the design and architecture of a smart metering infrastructure, particularly since energy supply is categorized as a security-critical infrastructure. The control unit SMARTY iQ-IO fits seamlessly into the security requirements of the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security). The gateway makes use of existing channels of communication and is TLS-secured.

As a secure technology, the switchbox can replace ripple control systems, among others, that do not live up to today's standards of communication and the current security regulations.


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