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SIGNALTEK™ is the ultimate value performance tester that allows you to measure link performance according to the industry's toughest standards.
SIGNALTEK can perform a variety of both passive and active tests on communications cable. (PresseBox) (Wessling, ) SIGNALTEK provides an easy-to-read interface that lets you perform a full suite of active LAN diagnostic tests such as Gigabit Ethernet Bit Error Rate Testing (BERT), Ethernet service detection, link establishment and device pinging. Plus, its internal memory, USB interfaces and simple-to-use web browser reporting make storing, uploading and printing reports convenient.

SIGNALTEK is a unique cabling tester that offers the user the
ability to test the performance of a wide range of installed cable
system characteristics. With SIGNALTEK, the user can verify
network performance, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and
view network speeds to determine if the installed cable provides
the necessary performance to support desired applications.

SIGNALTEK is easy to use. It offers any installer the ability to
perform cable performance tests and rapidly locate
connectivity issues.
SIGNALTEK will generate performance reports that can be
viewed and printed with any web browser. No special software
is necessary making it easy to view, print, and share test data.
SIGNALTEK can test cable links in one of three conditions:
Terminated with the SIGNALTEK remote device; Active LAN
Links that terminate to a hub, switch, or PC; or to a singleended
link that is not terminated to a device at the opposite
SIGNALTEK uses two test handsets that allow full-duplex
performance testing of cables at Ethernet speeds of up to 1
Gigabit per second (1Gbps).

SIGNALTEK can perform a variety of both passive and active tests
on communications cable. The passive tests are those where
SIGNALTEK is connected to both ends of the cabling link. Active
tests are those in which one end of the link is connected to an
active network device such as a PC, switch, router or other device
and the opposite end of the link is connected to the SIGNALTEK


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