EEHE 2015 - electricity is replacing petrol

Experts discuss implementation of alternative drive concepts
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- EEHE 2015 Conference on Electrics/Electronics in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management on 22-23 April 2015 in Bad Boll
- Over 220 participants expected

If you look at the figures, every modern car in Germany is an electric vehicle as they all have hundreds of electrical consumers and electronic control units, but just one combustion engine. And with the array of electric and hybrid vehicles on the market, there are also increasing numbers of alternatives for the main drive.

But are energy efficiency targets actually being achieved? How effective are the technologies in practice? Which system will prevail? When will we get the 48V car? What developments can we expect in the coming years in terms of battery technology? Which additional electronic and electric automobile components does the future hold? Some of these questions have already been answered and the knowledge is being implemented in the latest developments.

Manufacturers, suppliers and research organisations are working flat out on new concepts for the mobility of the future. The first components for these new drive systems are already with us. Numerous manufacturers and suppliers are positioning themselves in this exciting market.

With its "eehe Conference on Electrics/Electronics in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles and Electrical Energy Management", the Haus der Technik brings together developers, users and researchers. At this unique international event participants will have the opportunity to meet all major players in this field. An attractive programme with poster presentations and vehicle displays has been put together from over 70 submissions.

The conference will be accompanied by an exhibition. In addition, various electric and hybrid vehicles from major manufacturers as well as test vehicles will be available to inspect and drive.
Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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