Desert Eagle: New Stainless Steel Model

The Stainless Bird of Prey
The new stainless steel model with integral muzzle brake (PresseBox) (Bergtheim, ) This year the legendary Desert Eagle celebrates its 30th birthday. Reason enough for Magnum Research to introduce an extended range of its iconic handgun, the Desert Eagle MK XIX. Right on time for the ShotShow in Las Vegas, the US manufacturer unveils a brand-new stainless steel construction with an integral muzzle brake milled directly into the barrel. In Europe, this model will be introduced at the IWA trade show at the joint booth of Kahr Arms and European importer Waffen Ferkinghoff in Hall 1-126.

The Desert Eagle 4.0 comes as a high-class stainless steel model with a rugged stainless steel frame, slide and barrel, an additional Picatinny bottom rail and black appointments. New: The muzzle brake, previously available as an accessory, is now integral on this model, milled directly into the 6" pistol barrel.

The integral muzzle brake doesn't only offer a streamlined look but also significantly less muzzle flip and clearly perceptible recoil reduction for better control of the pistol. In addition, since the overall length remains the same, standard holsters will also smoothly fit this new model. For all those who are not big fans of the muzzle brake, the model will also be available as a 6" barrel version without a muzzle brake.

For all owners of the MK XIX standard 6" barrel model in black, muzzle brake barrels are now available for retrofitting calibers .50AE, .44Mag and .357Mag, and are designed to replace the previous add-on brakes.

With this release, Magnum Research has created another unique model of the legendary Desert Eagle with charisma and a highly distinctive look. "This high-quality stainless steel model has an overpowering appearance. No handgun is tougher-looking than our Desert Eagle," says Frank Harris, VP of Sales and Marketing, proudly introducing the brand-new product.

Since 2013, Waffen Ferkinghoff is the exclusive importer of all Kahr Arms product lines for Europe, from service and security pistols, magnum pistols like Desert Eagle, BFR revolvers and Magnum Light automatic rifles to accessories and spare parts.

Background Information on Desert Eagle

Among gun experts and collectors, the name Desert Eagle still stands for the most successful magnum pistol ever produced in series. With its Desert Eagle, few other manufacturers offer a larger range of models than Magnum Research.

Today, Magnum Research is part of the US-based Kahr Firearms Group, which purchased the company and its brands Desert Eagle, BFR revolvers and MLR magnum Light Rifles in June 2010. Magnum Research remained in the market as an independent brand. Since 1994, Kahr itself manufactures short-barreled pistols especially for defense and sport hunting and has also become a well-known brand in Europe.


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