New Generation: Short Carbon Infrared Emitters For Industrial Heating Processes

Carbon Infrared emitters are now available in very short lengths / Picture: Heraeus Noblelight GmbH (PresseBox) (Kleinostheim, ) Carbon infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight have a unique design of heating filament and combine the effective medium wave infrared radiation with high surface power output and short response times. This provides a very fast heating process at high efficiency. By using a new manufacturing process, Heraeus can now offer a new generation of carbon infrared emitters. Emitters with a heated length of 50mm upwards are now available for industrial heating processes.

Medium wave infrared radiation has particularly efficient application in the heating of the edges of small diameter plastic tubes and pipes or in the drying of thin tracks of adhesives. The medium infrared wavelengths are those best absorbed by plastics, water and glass. Heating takes place very efficiently, so saving energy. Carbon infrared emitters (CIR®) transfer this effective heat at high power and are easy to control.

Because of new manufacturing procedures, it is now possible to produce emitters of very short lengths, which can be matched precisely to small items to be heated or dried. The new emitters are particularly suitable for welding or applying adhesive to small plastic components or for application in areas where only partial heating is required.

The new, short carbon infrared emitters are available as twin or single tube emitters and can be fitted with gold or QRC® reflectors or without reflectors, according to customer requirements. They can also be installed horizontally and vertically and, as twin tubes, they emit up to 50 W/cm, at a power variance of 10%.

Medium Wave Infrared Wavelengths are Efficient

With infrared radiation, part of the emitted energy is absorbed in the irradiated material, part is reflected and the rest passes through the material. Consequently, every material has its own absorption spectrum, that is, the region in which the electromagnetic radiation is best absorbed. If this region is used, then the heating of the material is significantly faster and more effective.

The wavelength of the infrared radiation has a great effect on the process. In general, plastics absorb best in the medium- to long-wave region.


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