Eberspächer with a significant improvement in turnover and result

(PresseBox) (Esslingen, ) German automotive supplier Eberspächer has fared very well in vehicle heaters and exhaust gas technology, increasing their turnover in the first six months of 2006 by 32 % over the same period last year to EUR 973 million (EUR 734 million). Orders received were up 17% on the six-month figure for 2005. The improvement in the result was even clearer: whereas the earnings for the whole of 2005 were EUR 0.4 million (EBIT EUR 27.1 million), the international group of companies had already made mid-year earnings of EUR 9.8 million (EBIT EUR 29.5 million) as per 30 June, 2006. These figures were helped by the first successes of reorganisational measures that have been carried out at various locations. Eberspächer is reckoning with a continued growth and further improvement in the result for the second half of 2006.

Eberspächer sees the reason for this significant rise in turnover in their successful product policy in both business units. Business in the commercial vehicles sector has continued at a high level. Furthermore, the serial launch of several new passenger car models and the increasing number of particulate filters have left their mark.

In Exhaust Systems and Vehicle Heaters, the global Eberspächer Group - with approximately 6000 employees in 16 countries and a turnover of 1.64 billion € in the 2005 business year - is a leading systems developer and supplier to almost all European passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers.


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