United Planet releases new version of the social business software Intrexx Share

Fighting the flood of emails with smart software
The new Intrexx Share 1.1 (PresseBox) (Freiburg, ) 60 company representatives met on Monday 23 February at the offices of software vendor United Planet in Freiburg, Germany. They took the opportunity to gain an exclusive first insight into the social business software Intrexx Share 1.1. This tool promises to improve communication and collaboration and to prepare companies for the digital transformation.

The shift from the industrialized society towards one based on knowledge brings a number of new requirements for companies. Rigid processes are always less able to keep up with the constant changes of the market. Thus, the focus shifts from the value of the products to the value of knowledge. Interdepartmental cooperation and joint development of ideas and innovations are core requirements for modern enterprises.

Negative side effects for employees are a large number of internal emails in the mailbox and numerous meetings on the agenda. With Intrexx Share, the software vendor United Planet offers a solution that helps companies to significantly improve communication and collaboration and simultaneously reduce the number of internal emails by up to 90 percent.

The new features of the forthcoming version 1.1 were presented to the exclusive group of company representatives on Monday. The new version makes networking even more convenient. Thanks to an optimized design and handling, an even higher level of user acceptance is achieved. In addition, the platform can now easily be adapted to the corporate design, and many new applications can be integrated on the principle of "apps in an app". In combination with the portal software Intrexx Professional, the capacity of Intrexx Share 1.1 can be expanded flexibly.

The increased volume of information inevitably demands new ways of communicating. Thanks to social collaboration, not only information, but also documents and images can be sent, commented and tracked in a transparent way - from anywhere and from any device. Knowledge that is generated together can be shared and archived with one click. Thus, people can work together and generate new ideas across spatial and departmental boundaries. In our post-modern era this is an aspect that is becoming increasingly important for companies and public organizations.

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