handyscope for iPhone 6: Mobile skin cancer diagnostics with your smartphone

skin cancer examination with handyscope (PresseBox) (Bad Birnbach, ) The iPhone's success has also inspired a development in skin cancer diagnostics: FotoFinder invented the handyscope attachment, converting a smartphone into a digital hand-held dermatoscope for the very first time. With this device, it is now also possible to capture and save dermoscopic images reliably with an iPhone 6.

The latest handyscope makes it possible to capture skin lesions at up to 20X magnification, view them conveniently on the large iPhone screen and save them. The Twin-Light mode for immersion and polarisation allows users to switch between the two modes conveniently with the shift key to reflect their personal work preferences and the type of lesion.

Images can be taken in contact with the lesion or from a distance. The open special tube facilitates the examination of raised moles, basal-cell carcinomas and vascular structures. A unique feature of the handyscope for iPhone 6 is a special recess in the housing, which makes it possible to charge the device at any time. In addition, doctors also have the option of connecting the iPhone up to a monitor and going through the examination there together with the patient.

handyscope has already been assisting doctors with the diagnosis of skin cancer since 2010. The newly designed attachment is used in combination with the free, password-protected handyscope app. Doctors can freeze, save, rate and manage an image directly on the screen. In addition, they can also link images to patient data and com-ments and assign them to their locations with the help of the virtual patient in the app.

handyscope is not only a compact, digital hand-held dermatoscope, it also offers registered users access to the FotoFinder Hub, a secure web storage platform for handyscope images. Image and patient data are synchronised from the app to the personal database wirelessly. Direct access to images previously uploaded to the Foto-Finder Hub is also now simply possible for the individual patient within the app. There are also additional functions available online such as image comparison or a second opinion service from dermoscopy experts.

For hair consultations, the handyscope can be used in combination with the FotoFinder Trichoscale software for digital trichograms.


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