JPK Instruments acquires lpi light power instruments GmbH

(PresseBox) (Berlin, ) JPK Instruments AG, the leading supplier of Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM) for life science and soft matter applications, proudly announces the 100% acquisition of lpi light power instruments GmbH (Berlin, Germany).

lpi was founded in June 2005 and its focus is the development of optical nano- instrumentation for life science applications. The company holds pertinent intellectual properties and has built up a development team that is highly skilled and experienced in this field.

“Especially in cell and molecular biology, nanotechnology based instruments enable better understanding of life at the molecular scale. High-end optical techniques play an important role and have a huge potential for the life sciences. light power instruments becomes JPK´s business unit for advanced optical technologies, strengthens and diversifies our R&D capabilities in this field and fills furthermore our product portfolio with exceptional new instruments. After the foundation of nAmbition GmbH in Dresden last year, the acquisition of lpi GmbH is the next strategic step for the JPK Instruments group on its way to becoming the leading NanoBio instrumentation company” says JPK’s CTO, Torsten Jähnke.

After closing a substantial financing round, lpi and JPK have already embarked on a first common development project. Dr. Sven-Peter Heyn, CEO of lpi, comments “joining the JPK group with its impressive track record in innovative product development and successful marketing is a great chance for lpi. Our team is excited and convinced that we will contribute with our technical expertise to JPK`s mission as a leading provider of nanotechnology instrumentation for life sciences. We are on our way to developing a unique technology platform for life sciences”. Before becoming CEO of lpi in June 2005, Dr. Sven-Peter Heyn served for more than 15 years in different management and executive positions within the medtech and life sciences sector. lpi, as a subsidiary of the JPK Instruments group , will profit from his experience.

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