Rinspeed Budii Trans-Urban Concept Car

Automatic driving with innovative 3D real-time view of the surroundings
Rinspeed Concept Car (PresseBox) (Gleichen, ) It is due to premiere at Autosalon, the Geneva Motor Show: the Budii concept car. This visionary electronic automobile from Swiss idea factory Rinspeed leads the way the future of driverless cars. Whether driving oneself or being driven in the relaxing auto-driving mode - in the Budii, one enjoys maximum freedom.

Data for automatic driving are delivered by the extendible TrackView telescope on the Budii's roof, into which are integrated a laser scanner from IBEO and a highly light-sensitive Ethernet camera module from German camera developer and manufacturer Kappa optronics. The driver assistance system combines the data into a real-time 3D view. The camera relays image data, including color information; the scanner provides depth information. All static and dynamic environmental information is fully displayed, calculated and graphically mapped - allowing the Budii to automatically recognize and avoid obstacles. Visionary camera technology stands among the key topics for cars in the next generation and the generation after that. Kappa optronics has made a name for itself as a pragmatic visionary with an innovation-driven portfolio, pushing new developments for concept vehicles and series ever further ahead. The emphasis lies on forward-looking vision systems for safety-related uses which, as such, are subject to regulatory approval. "Our vision systems play in a league of their own, far beyond the level of ordinary driver assistance systems. That makes us an interesting partner in international auto manufacturers' development projects," says Kappa CEO Hubertus Dornieden. He sees one great strength of the company in its ability to integrate into higher-level systems.


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