Reduced fleet insurance premiums offered by SAAM Verspieren Group for operators who choose Helisim

NH90 Simulator CDPH 2014 191 © Eric Raz 2009 (PresseBox) (Orlando, Florida, ) Helisim and SAAM Verspieren Group announced today at Heli-Expo their agreement offering significant insurance premium refunds for operators who perform recurrent flight training at the Helisim Training Academy and have an insurance contract handled by the SAAM Verspieren Group.

Helisim - a subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters, Thales Training & Simulation and DCI (Defence Conseil International) - is a key player in the rotorcraft pilot training sector. The company's training is based on six Level "D" flight simulators for different Airbus Helicopters types, incorporating the original equipment manufacturer's data package. Every year, some 3,000 pilots from 55 different countries receive training at this Marignane, France-based operation.

"Our loyal customers will benefit from this new opportunity to reduce costs while further enhancing their flight safety," said Helisim President Christian Cochini.

Laurent Vautherin, Airbus Helicopters' Vice President - Training and Customer Flight Operations, added: "This new initiative is a further step in our strategy to support new levels of safety through high quality training. It is in addition to such steps as Airbus Helicopters' recent release of the rotorcraft industry's first-ever Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM)."

SAAM Verspieren Group is the aviation insurance operation of the Verspieren Group, and has become one of the French market's leading aviation insurance brokers.

"In a helicopter insurance market known for its premium rate volatility, our partnership with Helisim is highly appreciated and valued by insurers - as it helps increase the safety of operators," explained Jean-Baptiste Saintagne, Executive Director of the SAAM Verspieren Group.


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