Advanced Photonic Test and Measurement: New 1μm Programmable Single Polarization Filter

The new WaveShaper 1000/SP 1μm Programmable Single Polarization Filter shapes femtosecond and short picosecond optical pulses in fiber laser systems in applications such as precision micromachining, medical and spectroscopy
WaveShaper 1000/SP (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) The WaveShaper 1000/SP is a Polarization Maintaining (PM) programmable filter which provides full control of the amplitude and phase spectra across the entire operating wavelength range.

Typical applications include the creation and shaping of short laser pulses in the picosecond and down to the femtosecond regime. The WaveShaper 1000/SP operating around 1 μm has been optimized to control the optical signals of Neodymium and Ytterbium fiber lasers; the WaveShaper 1000/SP operating around 1.55 μm has been optimized to control the signal of Erbium lasers. The WaveShaper 1000/SP is typically applied in a Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) configuration following the seed laser.

The WaveShaper 1000/SP transmits and processes the signal which is launched into the slow axis of the input PM fiber. The signal launched into the fast axis is not transmitted and will be extinguished by more than 20 dB. This instrument is available as a bench-top unit (1000S/SP) as well as an OEM module which can be integrated into systems (1000M/SP). The fiberized setup ensures stable turn-key operation without manual re-adjustments.

  • Based on High Resolution Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) technology
  • Wavelength Switching capability (4000S model)
  • Arbitrary Channel Shapes
  • Control of Channel Dispersion
  • Arbitrary Optical Transfer Function (Phase/Amplitude)
  • Supports Band-Pass
  • Band-Stop and Optical Comb Filters
Demonstrated applications of the WaveShaper Programmable Optical Processor include
  • Optical Filter Simulation
  • Optical Component Testing
  • Transceiver Testing
  • EDFA Testing
  • DWDM System Simulation
  • DWDM System Testing
  • Fourier Domain Waveform Manipulation
  • Optical/Microwave Filtering
  • Laser Pulse Compression
  • Dissipative Mode Locking of Fibre Lasers
  • Emulation of Polarization Dependent Loss (PDL)
  • Emulation of Differential Group Delay (DGD)
  • Tunable Optical Filtering


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