Clarion, Microsoft and SVOX simplify in-car navigation

The Clarion, Microsoft Windows Automotive and SVOX collaboration strives to enhance drivers' safety by developing first class navigation products converging sound, information, and human interaction
(PresseBox) (Redmond, Morfelden-Walldorf and Zurich, ) As navigation devices evolve and the number of such devices built on Windows Automotive operating system and SVOX Automotive text-to-speech engine increases, consumers are experiencing new levels of in-car navigation. Today's technology advancements allow drivers to enjoy direction announcements in the car safely and seamlessly unlike anything ever used before.

Motorists can enjoy sound and navigation announcements in their cars with comfort and satisfaction. Clarion's Multimedia Stations bring the benefits of excellent speech output and robust software integration within the automobile to the next level. The brand new navigation device NAX963HD is powered by the Windows Automotive and SVOX Automotive software package.

"Microsoft and SVOX have done a great deal of work to understand what we expect from our technology partners. As a result, Clarion is gaining momentum, and we are proud to rely on these two leading automotive software providers," said Mr. Andreas Augsten, Manager Engineering with Clarion Europe. "We are pleased to expand our relationship with Microsoft Automotive and SVOX. When we decided to work with these strong partners, we were confident that Clarion would achieve a highly successful product roll-out."

Most notable about the new generation of aftermarket navigation products is the high quality speech interface for hands-free and eyes free operation. The SVOX Automotive solution based on a Windows Automotive platform makes Clarion's Multimedia Station easy to control.

"Consumers are demanding real added value from in-car infotainment devices and SVOX speech output technology is all about improving HMI. The intuitive, speech-enabled user interface guides the driver through the navigation menu with the highest comfort level," said Stephan Scharf, Partner Manager, Microsoft Automotive Business Unit.

"Porting our text-to-speech technology to the Windows Automotive platform has been a positive experience and we look forward to build further innovative applications for Clarion," said Volker Jantzen, CEO of SVOX. "Together with Microsoft, we could make Clarion's groundbreaking navigation system possible. Our advances in speech technology are all focused on in-car safety and convenience issues."


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