VEXO: ruwido presents probably the best and most beautiful remote control in the world

Remote control without any buttons – the thumb operates all functions
VEXO_Produktansicht (PresseBox) (Neumarkt/ IFA Berlin hall 25 stand 139, ) .
- Sophisticated technology in harmony with minimalist design
- „Simplexity“ is the trend: intuitive navigation without any buttons
- Pioneering model for new generation of interactive remote controls

ruwido, the leading European manufacturer of remote controls, presents VEXO, an exclusive universal remote control designed to control all functions of up to 16 devices without the need for a single button, at IFA 2006 in Berlin: VEXO is the name of the provocatively stylish innovation with minimalist design. A silver-coloured key-coin made of aluminium, set in black glossy polycarbonate glass, replaces the usual chaos of buttons. The thumb is used to intuitively control all functions with rotating and pressing operations. A back-lit display clearly guides the user through the breadth of devices and functions. VEXO is therefore more than an aesthetic highlight for ambitious lifestyle scenarios.

Software and hardware of the highest quality are behind the design reminiscent of the mystic monoliths from the science fiction cult film “2001 Space Odyssey”. With integrated high performance chip, USB connection and intelligent, upgradable software, the VEXO is a pioneer of a new generation of interactive remote controls from ruwido. The VEXO takes over control keys from conventional remote controls either by self-learning or can also be programmed via an USB connection using an Internet website. Despite its great versatility and wealth of functions, the VEXO completely does without an user’s manual. A DVD explains the basic operating steps of rotating and pressing – the rest is self-explanatory.

ruwido’s “probably best and most beautiful remote control in the world“ will be marketed exclusively via the specialised trade from the end of October 2006.

The pure “switchbox” turns into a navigator
Integration is the trend: VCRs marry DVD players, mobiles mix with MP3 players. But strangely enough it is the remote controls that pile up on the couch table every time new entertainment equipment is purchased. Even television, recording and hi-fi components of the exclusive premium class are still frequently equipped with remote controls which bear no relationship to the value of the equipment in terms of feel, appearance and user guidance.

With the VEXO, a remote control now moves into everyday entertainment electronics as a completely integral element and does away with the old “prejudices” of being just a switchbox. It is not only used for the simple control of the navigator on the TV-screen or of other functions but assumes the navigator role itself.

Core of the innovative usability concept behind the VEXO is its “simplexity”. This is a complex and intelligent technology inside the control (complexity) which can be operated simply and intuitively by the user (simplicity). Such an elaborate concept required an extensive research and development phase over many years which was also supported and substantiated by dissertations of employees in the “ruwido usability studio” and co-operation with scientific facilities such as the Information and Communication Technologies & Society (ICT&S) of the University of Salzburg.

The VEXO is at the same time a pioneer of a new technology platform presented by ruwido which has already been prepared for the interactive and Internet-based applications and devices of the future.

All functions at a glance: universal remote control with display
The VEXO display is invisible at first glance. It only lights up once the coin-key has been touched. A clever user interface permits direct access to the requisite functions which can be read perfectly thanks to the integrated background lighting even when the lights are low during an home cinema evening.

In order to attune the VEXO to new pieces of CE-equipment it merely needs to be placed in front of the existing remote control and start the key search. The requisite infrared keys need not be entered manually as is otherwise the case, but are recognised automatically during the search via a database stored in the remote control. Any missing data can be downloaded quickly and easily using the USB interface on the PC.

In this way either all of the operating functions of the corresponding device can be transferred or only individually selected ones. Exclusively those functions actually available to the end device are displayed on the VEXO. Different functions from different devices can also be combined in one user interface without having to press a button to swap between them. VEXO therefore frequently proves to be more intelligent than many entertainment device themselves.

Trend research for the CE industry: also in terms of colours and materials
As leading system supplier to the CE industry ruwido researches not only intuitive usability logics for the increasingly complex devices but also future trends in design, colour and material. ruwido manifests these endeavours in the VEXO with the black glossy polycarbonate material of the remote control’s surface. The cool artificial glass effectively contrasts with the matt black soft finish of the outer VEXO housing.


We would be happy to arrange appointments for background discussions, product demonstrations and interviews with ruwido at the IFA. Stefan Susbauer and team can be reached on their mobile phones during the trade fair (see contact). ruwido can be found in IFA Hall 25 Stand 139.


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