Microscope for Connector Assessment with Integrated Monitor

Microscope for Connector Assessment with Integrated Monitor (PresseBox) (Olching, ) The basis for operating optical networks is, among other things, the inspection of connector surfaces according to IEC61300-3-35. In lieu of a subjective eye assessment, software-supported video-microscope probes are used to make a pass/fail analysis.

Inspection using conventional microscope probes can be very strenuous because the connectors to be assessed are often difficult to reach. What installation technician is not familiar with the following situation? Whether at high heights or hidden in a niche: you focus the video microscope at a magnification of 400 times trying to maintain a very steady hand while at the same time trying to catch a glimpse of the separate display unit. This requires the best coordination and a steady hand - a definite challenge. LASER COMPONETNS introduces the remedy with the small FOCIS FLEX that fits in your pants pocket!

With an integrated, high-resolution monitor, the FOCIS FLEX offers enormous advantages in operation: you only have to have one unit in sight and you can perform your measurements with one hand. The autofocus can also be activated if necessary.

The image is focused at the press of a button within two seconds, making a pass/fail analysis of the connector surface possible. The image data can be transmitted to a PC via USB - without the need for additional software. Transmission to an OTDR from AFL Noyes is possible via Bluetooth.

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