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Master Data is one of the most important and often ignored facet of manufacturing execution and quality management systems of the organization
Centralized Master Data (PresseBox) (Dresden, ) In the last articles we have seen the challenges that manufacturing organizations around the world face in making Quality Management an organization wide endeavor. Generally quality is perceived as a separate vertical and functional area, also managed by a separate IT application, which in turn requires costly and complex integration between other IT applications.

We also saw how MES applications embedded with a QMS or quality management system, may turn out to be the best solution for centralizing and institutionalizing quality management of the organization. As MES applications are capable of integrating with both operational and enterprise applications, this allows quality to become engrained in all aspects of the operation, as all relevant stakeholders may be able to access and assess quality related information.

Now let's dig deeper and find out exactly how the MES allows for quality to become everyone's business, and what features of the application make it ideal for quality management.

One of the most important and often ignored facet of manufacturing execution and quality management is the master data, which is basically the non-transactional data which comprises the flow, step, states, resources, parameters and other important process related information. Generally when multiple systems interoperate and provide inputs to the QMS, the master data is either duplicated, which is obviously a redundant effort and a net loss of time, or the master data is synchronized using an external master data management system. The critical aspect of master data is that it is extremely important for all MES and QMS transactions. Those may range from routing or re-routing a job, or moving a lot from a production step to another, to relaying quality control instructions based on the recorded parameters or providing the CAPA instructions to operators when an issue is recorded with a particular production lot.

For more information about master data click here to read the complete blog post http://goo.gl/gICMZ6


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